Crushpix Video Production Company

Crushpix is a creative Bay Area video production company serving San Francisco, Oakland and the East Bay, San Jose, Silicon Valley, and Sacramento.

Crushpix Video Production Company is a top video content provider for companies from large corporations like Google to small and medium-sized local businesses, creating internal and externally-facing videos such as Product Videos, Marketing Videos, Training Videos, Recruiting Videos, Corporate Culture, Recruiting, Onboarding, Event Promotions, Sizzle Videos, industrial films and more.

Most videos include video interviews and/or video testimonialsproduct demonstrations and b-roll of our clients as they create the products and services we hear them talk about. Additionally, we produce online instruction, how to videos, live event coverage and TV commercials.

Our videographers use professional HD and 4K video cameras to make sure you and your products look great. We have large and small crews and are able to accommodate a variety of budgets. Budgets vary according to a number of things such as whether the video is going to be for an external audience for promotional purposes or for an internal audience for informational and training purposes. Other factors include whether our clients provide talent from their pool of employees and the locations we’ll shoot at or whether we need to cast actors and pay for locations.

Crushpix offers full service video production including video crews, lighting and audio, as well as video editors, motion graphics and animation. We enjoy transforming simple interviews and promotional videos into enjoyable and engaging experiences that educate and delight your audiences.

In pre-production, we work with our clients to define the message and takeaway for each video and suggest a call to action. We can provide casting, locations, secure a stage, or bring our production services to your office. If you are new to video production, we are here to guide you through the entire process. At Crushpix, we want to make your video production experience as easy as possible.

Please see what some of our past clients have said about Crushpix. References available.

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Orinda-based Rosenberg Equities submitted this video along with their innovative investment management tool and was selected as the winner in the category of Digital Education for the annual STAR Awards. Shot by Crushpix with a small crew using employees from the client’s investment firm. Graphics were done in house at Crushpix.

Winner of the prestigious 2017 Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Award in Landscape Architecture. This video was part of San Francisco-based Surface Design’s submission which received the top award for the nation.

This is an example of footage Crushpix shot in Alameda, California for a production company in New York. We sent them the raw footage and they completed the edit in house.

After several in-depth conversations with Shana Scott, the video producer at Al Roker Entertainment, about the responses she was looking for and understanding how the footage was to be used at a Coast Guard Foundation fundraiser, the 2-person Crushpix team took her list of questions and conducted all interviews on and around the ship. We also shot b-roll footage on the ship to intercut with the actual footage captured by the Munro team to add to the telling of the story.