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Crushpix Video Production Company

Crushpix is a creative Bay Area video production company serving San Francisco, the East Bay, South Bay, Silicon Valley, and the North Bay to Sacramento.

Crushpix Video Production Company is one of the top video content providers for SMBs, creating internal and externally-facing videos such as Product Videos, Marketing Videos, Training Videos, Recruiting Videos, Corporate Culture, Event Promotions, Sizzle Videos, as well as content designed to boost morale and leadership initiatives around the company.

Companies hire Crushpix for video interviews and video testimonialsonline instructiondemonstrations and how to videos, live event coverage and TV commercials.

Each videographer uses high-quality professional HD and 4K video cameras to insure the best crisp, clean images possible.

Crushpix offers full service video production including video crews, lighting and audio, as well as video editors and motion graphics and animation. We work tirelessly to transform simple interviews and promotional videos into an enjoyable and engaging experience to educate and delight your audience.

In pre-production, we work with our clients to define the message and takeaway for each video and suggest a call to action. We can provide casting, locations, secure a stage, or bring our production services to your office. If you are new to video production, we are here to guide you through the entire process. We want to make your video production experience as easy as possible.

Please see what some of our past clients have said about Crushpix. References available.

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Corporate Culture samples from several videos. These include interviews, testimonials, and b-roll.

A recruiting video designed for Social Media, presented by the CEO of the company. This is one of several videos, specifically targeted to attract new talent to a startup company using ads on Facebook.

This video is one of several produced for Alameda County’s East Bay Municipal Utility District, the water utility for San Francisco East Bay. Each video focuses on the Value of Teamwork and how it takes coordination and cooperation from the entire group to provide the best possible services. This was shot primarily by one cameraman, moving quickly around the Bay Area to capture a number of different groups.

We were hired by a firm from Canada to shoot testimonials and b-roll showing how the client’s product was being used by a manufacturing/packaging plant. Crushpix conducted the interviews with one of the firm’s representatives and sent it back with her for the Canadian production company to edit in house.

Our Company

Our video producers work with clients throughout the Bay Area, providing the video crew, videographers and video editors to transform your idea into a beautiful and compelling story that conveys a clear message to your audience.

Crushpix is made up of a lean but talented group at its core, but over the years, has teamed up with a much larger group of trusted freelancers around the country who allow us to expand to fill the needs of most every production, no matter the size. Our efficiency translates into savings which we’re able to pass on to our clients. Crushpix is considered by many to be one of the best video production companies in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Video on your website tells the story about who you are and what you do best. Adding video to your site will SHOW your products and how they work. Video can potentially improve your search ranking, making your company more visible to potential new clients.

We specialize in professional corporate video production and company videos including training videos for staff as well as for customers, how-to videos, interviews, testimonial videos used to promote a company’s reputation, corporate culture videos, and TV ads. We also produce promotional advertising videos designed to show goods and services on corporate websites across the Internet.

What We Deliver

Because we shoot in high-quality HD and 4K, the finished video is robust enough for live presentations but can also be optimized for mobile phones. We don’t recommend compressing videos to a size that’s small enough to attach in an email. Video files are large, so depending on the length of your video, reducing it to be less than 10MB for an email blast will probably degrade it too much. The simple solution is to load the video either onto your internal servers or host it on YouTube or Vimeo then email the link.

Our Clients

Over the last decade, we’ve formed loyal partnerships with notable Bay Area businesses like The Clorox Company (Oakland), Kaiser Permanente (Oakland), Google (Mountain View) and East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) (Oakland). As a full-service SF video production company, we offer end-to-end video production experience, customized for your unique business and clients, from script development and planning through casting, lighting, shooting, editing, and delivery for web video on our clients’ websites, e-commerce sites like Amazon, Grainger, and, and social media like YouTube and Facebook.

Location, Location, Location

With offices in Emeryville, video production in San Francisco and Silicon Valley is no problem. We are the preferred choice for many East Bay and South Bay companies that incorporate video into their marketing strategy. Our video producers and video crews travel across the country throughout the year in order to provide consistency within a video project. Our clients who we’ve had long relationships with know us and trust our videographers to capture the footage that will promote their brand.

If you’re thinking about adding a professional video to your company website, whether you are in San Francisco, the East Bay, South Bay, or Napa Valley, Crushpix Video Production Company is happy to be your guide through uncharted territory. To help you chose the video partner that’s the best fit for your team, we share our years of experience to offer strategies to help you achieve the scope of the project within a realistic budget. We offer various options to choose from, examples, and pricing to help you make the best choices for your investment.

We’re here to make your life easier.

A product promotional video that plays on Amazon and other online shopping sites.

An inspirational story about a product and the woman who created it.

Client Testimonial

“I can’t say enough good things about Crushpix! Their attention to detail and commitment to producing solid work is unparalleled. I know when we get challenging project thrown at us, I can count on them to do what it takes to get it done. Outstanding service!”

Ryan Beers, Producer for Clorox Creative Services, The Clorox Company

Working With Your Team

We ask our potential clients to share some videos with us that have the look and feel of what they’d like for your own video. That gives us all a starting point for discussions on style and budget.

During pre-production, we plan the shots and develop a script with you that will tell your story. Often, we develop a storyboard that shows visuals on one side with audio on the other. Developing a storyboard can help save time and money.

Whether you’re watching tv, a movie, or an Internet video, viewers are accustomed to seeing a new image in a video every two or three seconds. Extended shots where nothing happens can make your video feel dull. We strive to keep your viewers interested in the content, so planning out what images and how many we will capture before we shoot is key to a successful production.

Get The Most From Your Investment

To repurpose your video for a global market, we offer translations and captions in Spanish, Mandarin, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese and many more languages. We also provide closed captioning and open captioning for hearing-impaired audiences. Foreign-language voiceovers are also available.

As you explore your options video production companies in the San Francisco Bay Area, thank you for considering Crushpix.

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We Love What We Do

Many of the projects we produce are 90 – 120 second marketing videos that grab the audience and deliver a message. The viewer sees the products and how it works. They hear directly from the leaders of the business about the services they provide. That humanizes and personalizes the products and services that are being marketed.

Since attention spans are short, most of our clients find that rather than making one long video that contains everything about a company (if the viewer watches your company video all the way to the end), it’s often more effective to create a number of smaller focused videos that address specific topics.

From a budget perspective, pricing has a relationship to the overall length of the video. So, four 30-second videos will generally cost the same as one 2-minute video, provided they contain the same content. However, in most cases, twice as much labor is required to produce a 4-minute video as a 2-minute video and that’s reflected in the overall video production cost.

We also produce much longer videos, but those are more often coverage of a live event or sometimes a procedural video that goes through a number of steps. Because of their length, to keep costs down, we tend to simplify the production and editing in comparison with a 60-second promotional video. They’re still good-looking professional videos, but without all the razzle dazzle of a sales video.

These longer videos, including instructional videos, are more manageable when they are presented to the viewer as individual modules. These modules can be assembled into a playlist on a YouTube channel, for example. This way, the viewer can watch at their own pace.

Crushpix is a diversity-owned, minority-owned and veteran-owned California company serving the San Francisco Bay Area, East Bay, San Jose, Silicon Valley, Napa Valley, and Sacramento.

This recruiting video for a local franchise of Floor Coverings International was so well received by the client that they sent it to the Corporate Offices. The head executives have decided to make this their official recruiting video for the whole company.

Promo Sizzle Video for a 2019 event. We shot this with a two-person crew, capturing the event for two days and posting the edited footage to the client. The footage was then reused to promote next year’s event.

Client Testimonial

“I’ve worked on a couple of projects led by David at CrushPix and my experience has been nothing short of extraordinary. We approached them during each project with seemingly impossible asks- in terms of turn around time, budget, logistics- and all were greeted with a can-do attitude. As production director for an agency in Miami, hiring someone across the country is something I always dread doing but David and Rob became an extension of our family and worked tirelessly and diligently to please us and our clients.

Never for one moment did I feel that my projects were not of utmost importance and a priority when they needed to be, which is an invaluable feeling. I would not hesitate for one moment to recommend CrushPix as a video production company to not only shoot video but to shoot photography and work all the way through the post-production process. They have done all of this for us and given us a valuable partner to leverage in the future.”

Gus Fernandez, Production Director, Republica, LLC

Gus Fernandez, República, LLC

Located in Emeryville, CA, Crushpix provides creative video services to Bay Area Companies. We produce high-definition TV commercials, Public Service announcements, corporate videos, company profile videos, products demonstrations, corporate culture videos for recruiting new talent, training films and how-to videos, marketing video, crowdfunding videos, sizzle reels, software demonstration, and event videos for the San Francisco Bay area including San Francisco, Oakland, Contra Costa and Marin County, Berkeley, Richmond, Napa Valley, Sonoma, San Jose, Freemont, Mountain View, Silicon Valley, San Mateo and Alameda Counties, Solano County. Crushpix Video Production Company, LLC is a diversity-owned business and an equal opportunity employer.

Video Production Capabilities

Television Commercials, Video Marketing, Corporate Videos, Training Videos, Video Interviews, Infomercials, Instructional Videos, Educational Videos, Event Videos, Sales Presentation Videos, Product Introduction Videos, Trade Show Videos

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