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Bay Area Promotional Videos

Video samples of recent video productions with a wide range of budgets and various degrees of complexity. Some videos had a one or two-person crew and others involved a larger production crew including a dedicated camera man / director of photography, a grip and electric crew, makeup and wardrobe, production assistants, prop masters and art department, etc. All were produced by Crushpix and most were edited in house.


This video was shot as an in-store promotion for Clorox Disinfecting Wipes. Crew included director/cameraman, gaffer, grip, makeup/wardrobe person, production assistant and prop master and two paid actors. Medium lighting package. Shot on Sony FS700. Editorial services for this video by Crushpix. Shot in Vallejo, California.

These commercials for Cupcake Wine and Vodka aired nationally on the Food Network and Cooking Channel. Crushpix produced the first televised commercials for Cupcake Vineyards when the brand launched in 2009.

Executive Producer, Todd Ziegenfus
Brand Manager, Underdog Wine & Spirits, Reinel Adajar; Director-Producer-Editor, David Ronan
Director of Photography, Peter Thomas
Gaffer, Darrell Flowers
Visual Effects, Fusion CIS
Post Production at SpyPost
Shot on Arri Alexa at The Producer’s Loft in San Francisco

Enerparc builds solar energy parks. This documents the first installations done in Montana of this magnitude. It was also done in the dead of winter.

As we are tasked to create videos each year for Enerparc, we try to find a unique angle for each. In this was, because of the installation’s close proximity to Yellowstone National Park, we suggested a man vs nature story about new technologies arriving on one of the last American frontiers.

HLS Commercial Receptacles – This is a product line demo produced to promote the manufacturer’s product on Amazon, Grainger, and other online retailers. Shot in Emeryville, California with a medium size crew including director of photography, grip, electric crew, props, set dressing, and actors.

This in-store product demo was shot with a medium size crew, producer/director, cameraman, prop master, gaffer and grip. Shot in Concord at a client’s house on the Red Epic.

Shot in one day with a two-person crew at the client’s house, this inspirational video about a woman who is building her own global business from a spare bedroom in her house was produced on a very small budget to draw attention to her growing company.

SureCall product video. This video appears on the client and their vendors’ websites.

By shooting at a client’s house and using her as talent, Surecall was able to save thousands of dollars in production costs. On most of our shoots, we use talent from within the client’s organization as actors and models.

The three-person crew included director/cameraman David Ronan, Bay Area electrician Mike Van Dine, and utility crewmember acting as audio engineer, prop master, and everything else Robert Ramirez. Shot in Alameda, CA.


This corporate culture video was designed to show Kaiser Permanente as a best place to work. Crushpix combined animation and live action to create this recruiting video where we filmed variety of employee interviews and testimonials in Oakland and the Bay Area, Los Angeles, and Portland.  Shot on Sony FS700, normally with a two-person camera crew.

Crushpix was given a list of statistics that included achievements and recognitions that the organization had gotten recently and we suggested some ways to illustrate those statistics. All animation was done in house over a period of a few months which included brainstorming and pre production to come up with visual ways to show the statistics and plan how each image would morph and transition into the next one, make mock ups and get them approved by the client, then actually build the animations.

This corporate culture video launches a program of Employee Recognition at East Bay Municipal Utility District, based in Oakland. We interviewed employees across the Bay Area including Orinda, Lafayette and Oakland. These interviews were shot with a two and three-person video crew, some of them with one camera and some with two.


This video was created for Google’s Supplier Diversity Program, our third year producing videos for Google. Crushpix is a diversity-owned company, so we were admitted to Google’s program as well. The videos play both on the company’s website as well as at trade shows around the country for NMSDC, WBENC Conventions, and others. The interviews in this video were shot in and around the Bay Area in San Francisco, Berkeley, Mountain View, Redwood City, Freemont, as well as Los Angeles, Detroit, and Denver.

Shot in Portland, Oregon for Kaiser Permanente/LMP, this video tells the story of one lab technician who spoke up and let a doctor know about a procedure that she was familiar with. Her actions lead to better health care and a better life for a little girl.

These video interviews were shot on location with a three-person crew – two cameramen and and sound/utility crew member.


These are highlights from a series of training videos we shot for AC Transit and Sunpower, both in Richmond, California, with very small crews. The AC Transit videos followed the remodel of a facility where the final step was to bring all the vendors in who had installed new equipment and explain their operation to the managers of AC Transit. We were asked to document as they were explaining.

This training video for PG&E was developed to help the customer support staff understand a new technology that was about to be rolled out. The video prepared them with knowledgeable answers to potential questions.

Shot in San Francisco, the Bay Area and in Sacramento with a small crew.

This video was made for the Clorox company and can be seen on their website. It’s an instructional video to explain how to properly refill all their new spray bottles for Clorox products, Tilex, Green Works, and others.

Clorox hospital bleach instructional sales video, created to educate hospital staff in the dangers of hospital acquired infections. This was part of a 10-part series, produced, shot, and edited by Crushpix in association with the Creative Services team at The Clorox Company.

This stop-motion animation was created as a sample DEMO only. It’s a How-To Explainer video that clearly shows all the steps in a very fun way. Shot very quickly in a garage by one person. This was a test to see if it might be possible to affordably shoot two or three of these in one day and indeed it can be done.