Video Production Elements


Let us turn your idea into a compelling video message.

The nuts and bolts of defining the message, creating the story, and assembling the logistical elements to make it happen. Again, budget dictates how far beyond a couple of guys with a camera and some lights we can go. When the job requires a larger crew, we reach out to talented Bay Area professionals we’ve worked with over the last ten years.

Pre-production may also require securing the permits to make sure we’re not shut down in the middle of shooting. If we need to cast actors, we can arrange that, find locations, put together whatever size crew the job requires. Does your boss need a makeup artist to look good on camera? Should your co-worker get a manicure the day before the shoot so her hands look good in a close up holding the product? We can talk about it and make our recommendations so that everyone is ready on the day of the shoot. We’re lean and mean at our core, but are able to expand and contract to fit the requirements of each day of shooting.
This is where the real magic happens. We take all the elements from production and create what was storyboarded and discussed during pre-production. If for some reason the elements aren’t working, there are lots of options in editing to rewrite the script, try the pieces in different order, add motion graphics, animation, voiceovers, and music. The goal is always to create an experience that’s really exciting but that also clearly conveys the intended message, the takeaway, and lets the audience know what they’re expected to do next – the call to action.


With the final cut complete and your approval signed-off, we create high-quality files of your video that can be used for a variety of formats, be it for the web, trade shows or broadcast television.
Other Elements of Video Production
Video Production also includes other elements some of these include:
1) The first of these elements “Creative Vision” includes things like communication with the client. Knowing who your client’s target audience is, what the objectives of the production are and understanding the story the client wants to tell. Doing research prior to the shoot is important when producing a video.

2) The second element “Logistics” includes things like a production budget, type of crew needed, equipment, travel arrangements, hotels, rental cars. It also can include scouting a location and knowing what lighting will be needed on the shoot day.

3) The third element “Crew” is very important. Knowing what type of crew you need and having a knowledge of the skills of each of the members in your crew, will help insure your video production meets the clients expectations.

4) The next element “Equipment” includes making decisions like what cameras, lenses, sound equipment and lighting equipment will be used for producing the clients video.

5) The last of these elements “Post-Production Planning” Includes things like having a data management strategy, establishing timelines for reviews by the client, corrections in post-production, and a final delivery date of the video production to the client.

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