Producing a marketing video for your website

San Francisco and Bay Area companies know that the Internet is the most effective and affordable way for them to reach an audience. The near universal adoption of smartphones as well as better and faster connectivity to the web means that video has become the way to advertise to potential consumers on the Internet. Video optimized for mobile devices is the future of all marketing and communications.

People are reportedly watching more long-form content on their mobile devices, which are classified as a computer that you can hold in your hand phones and tablets as against desktops and laptops. Non-subscription videos get their revenue from advertising. This is a growing market that is becoming more targeted to specific consumers all the time.

The Impact of Website Video on San Francisco Companies

Internet videos can have a beneficial effect on your online video marketing campaign. Google appears to reward websites that incorporate video with higher SEO rankings. They also downgrade rankings for websites that are not mobile friendly.
Here are some statistics on video viewing for 2017 from
Your competition is probably using video on their websites and you’re probably reading this because you are considering doing the same thing.

Crushpix is here to make this process easier and to provide creative input combined with technical know-how to create great-looking videos with a targeted message. We work on both large and small projects, trying to provide maximum value at the budget our clients are comfortable with.

Crushpix was founded by a crew member who spent years working in Hollywood on movies, TV shows, commercials and rock videos where a small crew working on set was around 30-40 technicians with many more working off the set to support them. If you’ve ever watched the credits after a movie or TV show, what you’re seeing is often just the department heads. Supporting them are generally a team of uncredited highly skilled people doing specialized tasks with state of the art equipment. It takes a large group to create what we’re accustomed to watching every day.

Unless a company has a way of recouping that large investment, either by selling the TV show or movie to millions of people around the world or by generating huge revenues in sales from a 30-second commercial, film making at that level is just not affordable or practical for most companies. We at Crushpix do our best to recreate that Hollywood experience at a fraction of the cost.

It’s not reasonable to expect that one person with a budget-priced camera will be able to achieve the results of a million dollar production for only a few hundred dollars. We know you understand that.

We supply our clients with a small team of the Bay Area’s best technicians using professional equipment, doing the work of a full Hollywood crew with just a few people. We do the best we can with the resources available to create a product we’re proud of. Our primary goal is to make you look good and to help you grow your business.

When our clients are doing well, then we keep hearing from them. It’s pretty simple. We like being thought of as a partner rather than just a vendor. And that’s helped us to build a base of very loyal clients who trust us year after year. Video production is a competitive business. We do our best to over deliver in unexpected ways.

Thank you for considering Crushpix.

We serve the San Francisco Bay area including Oakland, Contra Costa and Marin County, San Jose, Silicon Valley, San Mateo and Alameda Counties.